A visual designer and architectural designer based in Paris, France
with experience in interiors, events, brand indentity and press.
As a designer, I seek opportunities to apply my vast abilities and my passion for visual work and space, be it physical or virtual, radical or traditional.
I hope to share my talent and vision for excellence, style and sophistication, in line with my broad visual vocabulary.
The wealth of happenings and tools of today's world are confronting our rich history and traditions, which puts us in a thrilling time where we are breaking rules and creating new ones. The visions, achievements and talents of new and established designers, fashions and trends, collaborative ventures and concerns on identity, society and environment must play an essential role in what we create today.
Born in Paris and educated in Paris, Palm Beach, San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam, I am an alumnus of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Audiovisual Art and studied Interior Design at Pratt Institute.

Visit my LinkedIn page for my full CV and information, or click on one of the links below to view my portfolio.